As we defined the Complective essence, we had put an early focus on ‘Easy-to-Wear’ clothing. Feeling unrestricted and comfortable is essential for us and our everyday life. Complective stands for contemporary, aesthetic and comfortable clothing that make you feel like being at home. Comfort and elegance are integrated into every single piece.

We strive to display calm and balanced atmospheres that visualize our values. Our identity is thinking disruptive and discovering new paths, as we try to encourage people around us to explore their talents and surroundings. Complective is working to present handcrafted pieces, which are fully made in Germany. We have consciously taken that decision in order to empower local talent and lower our environmental impact to the best of our ability.


Our manufacturer is located in Cologne and produces our collections, excluding accessories, such as hats and bags. The products are handmade locally and handled with care. Since we try to break out of barriers, we have set the parameters for an in-house sampling studio and invested into our own cut & sew machines. This enables us to put efforts in repurposing products and turn them into individual pieces and capsules.

Complective products are intended to be long lasting and useful clothing items that are made in a sustainable way. We produce limited quantities in order to not have wasted materials or leftover products. Due to our manufacturer and partners being located close to our office, we can transport products ourselves. Through this we can avoid emissions for additional transportation and logistics purposes.