Introducing the Tone of concrete


There will always be times where you’re so caught up in running, running and running until you reach your destination, reflect on the progress and breath fresh air. Breathing fresh air means creating, which is what we at Complective, have been doing for the last two years.

The FW21 ‘Tone Of Concrete’ collection addresses the foundation of Complective and emphasizes the origin of the brands essence and story. Concrete serves as a fundamental component of our identity related to all art and music purposes. The design process for Tone of Concrete was initially sparked by our concrete surroundings and the inspiration we took from our activities like spray-painting and nightlife events in spacious and robust buildings. As we like to say – it is our environment, our canvas, our playground. The ‘Tone Of Concrete’ involves all colors that you can paint your own reality with and the music tones that are connected to deep memories and guide you.

Design Process

When designing and creating the first collection, we have ultimately thought of contemporary pieces that are suiting for creative, relaxed, but also elegant occasions. Intended to focus on the person wearing it, we have specialized the overall clothing aesthetic on cuts and fabrics instead of branding and prints. We ultimately believe that shape is the quietest way to be the loudest person.


The deeper intention is to represent the young, creative and calm aesthetic that surrounds Complective. With this in mind, the ‘Tone Of Concrete’ collection only consist of dark green, grey and sail colors that emphasize a nature-based, sustainable and calming flair to the collection as a whole. Hand in hand with our color palette goes the feeling and fit of our pieces. Feeling confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing is the core factor of enjoying a piece of clothing – a composition of longevity and pure emotions.


The Complective style should be summarized with one key term – easy to wear. No extra additions to your clothing that are unnecessary or restricting. The design language picks this up with clean finishes and only mandatory components on the garment that actually have a function. Explore yourselves – what you believe in matters.

Made in Cologne, Germany with sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes.     
Read more about our production procedures at PRODUCTION.

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